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Design Principles
Design that ensures human thermal comfort under all conditions
Practicability Economy Comfortable
In open space cooling, the proper study and evaluation of the workspace is important. At Excelair, we have invested in and developed our design services department to ensure that every workspace has been given the optimum assessment before coming up with a design. Excelair understands the significance of temperature and humidity affecting the comfort of the workspace. Among the factors that need to be addressed are the air change rate, spot air flow and air velocity and the exhaust air rate.
In every Excelair design, the goal is to ensure human thermal comfort under all varying meteorological conditions. 


Service Principles
At Excelair, innovativeness focuses on client needs
Technical Services
Excelair provides obligation-free survey on site and design proposal, customized to the specific workplace layout.
Our proposal of complete system design includes evaporative system installation, air ducting system or do it yourself installation guidelines.
The installation also can be made by customer, We provide installation project and technical guidance for free.
Quality Assurance
Every Excelair product comes with a one-year warranty.
The core part Oasis 5090 filter pad is guaranteed for 4 years under normal operating conditions
Under warranty, the damaged parts with normal usage can be replaced free of charge 
Wonderful after-sales service
Upon the expiry of our standard warranty, a comprehensive maintenance package offers free replacement of system components (subject to normal usage conditions) for an annual fee during the contracted period.
The Oasis 5090 filter pad of 4-year guarantee is not included.