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Delivery worldwide

Manufactured with advanced production facilities, innovative use of materials and leading-edge technology give Excelair PIP Cellduct the competitive edge. Excelair offers worldwide delivery for any order specifications. The prefabricated PIP cellduct can be easily assembled upon shipment arrival. Assembly is as simple as building blocks, meaning significant time and cost savings required for on-site construction and engineering.  
 Prices of Excelair Open Space Cooling are highly competitive-significantly lower than local manufactures or order-made systems.

All parts and air ducts will be packed carefully to make sure that they will reach to the end-users in good shape.
Duct fabrication is often costly and time-consuming for cooling system installation. Comparatively, Excelair PIP cellduct system offers the distinct advantage of significant cost and time-saving as parts and duct segments can be easily connected and installed, without any fabrication required. Installation of the evaporative ventilator units are made easy with the mount type design and support bracket units of Excelair Open Space Cooling.   Excelair ships direct complete ready-to-install evaporative cooling system to end-users. Where required, inspection engineer can be dispatched for study and evaluation of workspace. Also, supervision engineer is available for supervising and test run on a sample line.