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Cooling Methods Design

Overall Design Considerations
Space Cooling, Local Cooling, Spot Cooling
 Space Cooling
Space Cooling Prerequisite
 Locations of workers are not fixed
 Focus on all-round heat reduced environment 
 Space pressurization is desired to prevent dust entry
   Heat source is confined or controlled
 Workspace volume is small
Space cooling provides cooling to the entire workspace for overall space heat reduction and where the workers are not fixed in their locations. 
Where certain areas require cooling concentration, spot cooling can be added making the concept space-spot cooling.
 Local Cooling
Local Cooling Prerequisite
 Area of workspace is large
 Location of workers or equipments are fixed
   Operation area is entirely different from other area
 It is no need to cooling besides the operation area
 Spot Cooling
Spot Cooling Prerequisite:
 Locations of workers are generally fixed
 Workspace volume is large
 Heat source is distributed all over
   Minimum capital layout
 Focus on maximum comfort for workers
Spot cooling cools only where it is really needed. That way, you can save in minimizing the capital layout.