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Air Changing Design

Continuously brings in large volume of cool & filtered air and pushes out hot and contaminated air, thereby creating an air change.
What is Air Change ?
Air change is the amount of air required to completely replace the air in a defined space within the factory. The approach to Open Space Cooling is two prong. First is to reduce the temperature of the supply air and second create an air change within.
The rate of air change depends on the type of production process. The table to the left shows the recommended designed air change for various types of work processes.
  Air Change Rate
Air change rate is a unit of measurement that compares the amount of air moving through a defined space to the volume of the space. It is usually expressed as:

      Air Change Rate=Airflow Per Hour/Volume of Space
        (times per hour) 

Air Change Rate is calculated to determine how well a space is ventilated compared to the recommendations set for the type of industrial workspace.
Recommended Design Specifications for Different Industrial Applications
Item Workspace Heat Generation From Process Air Change Rate
t / h

Spot Airflow
m3 / h

little medium high
Plastics  Plastic Injection Molding   30~40 2600~4000
Poly Bags & Film Manufacturing     40 2600~4000
Plastic Extrusion     30 2600~4000
Plastic Label Printing   30~40 2600~4000
Rubber Rubber Calendering   40 2600~4000
Rubber Vulcanization     40 2600~4000
Rubber Extruding and Milling     40 2600~4000
Hardware Metal Die-casting     40 1800
 Metal Machining, Milling, Pressing     25 1800
PCB   30~40 1800
 Metal Welding   30~40 1800
Metal Forming   30~40 1800
Spraying   30~40 1800
Garment Garment Cutting, Sewing   30 1000
Garment Ironing      ● 40 1000
 Garment Laundry     25 1000
Food Food Cooking,Steaming     40 1800
 Food Sterilizering     40 1800
Food Packing,Canning     30 1000
Others  Glassware Production     40 2600~4000
Quality Control     40 1000
 Assembly & Sorting Line     30 1000
Packing Area   25~30 1000
Staff Canteen   25~30 1000

1. Outside conditions are based on tropical and semi-tropical climates with ambient dry bulb temperatures between 28oC to 
    37oC, RH 50% to 85%.
2. Criteria established here are based on Excelair's experience in tropical and semi-tropical climate conditions and subject
     to change with new findings.
3. Plesae refer to Excelair's professionals for other areas not specified above.