Solar Power Products

EX767-SO Solar Evaporative Ventilator
Combining the clean energy of solar and latent heat to provide 
cooling at virtually no energy cost.
 Operation cost is incredibly around 1% of air-conditioning.
 From vision to reality, Excelair Solar Evaporative Cooling 
answers the need for an ultimate green energy goal.
Suitable for industrial & residential applications



Operation PrincipleUp to 95% energy used comes from the solar source

Solar evaporative cooler is a hybrid unit drawing on solar energy to cool your home mainly. When solar power diminishes, utility power tops up.
1Solar energy collected at the solar panel is transformed to electrical energy to drive the motor.
2Electrical supply from utility source is used to operate the microprocessor control unit and also acts as standby to top up the power to the motor 
should the solar source deplete.


Technical Specification
Solar Panel   EX767-SO Solar Evaporative Cooler

Electricity Consumption
Comparing Electricity Consumption of Cooling Alternatives Based on 1000M2 workplace area

Water Consumption