Exhausting System

Proper design of the exhaust air system matching the supply air system can result in the following benefits:


A positive pressure workspace helps prevent the entry of dusts and particles.
An effective internal air flow pattern free of air short-circuiting.
An optimum air circulation through push-pull strategy that complements the supply and exhaust air systems
  For optimal evaporative cooling performance, a constantly ventilated environment is of key importance. This is particularly applicable to closed and semi-closed workplace design with harmful discharge from heavy duty equipment and machinery. The exhaust system works to maximize airflow circulation in such workplace by way of wall exhaust, roof exhaust or ducted exhaust. Exhaust air system forms a vital component of Open Space Cooling when the workspace is not open but semi-enclosed or enclosed. The supply air must be exhausted to satisfy the basic requirement of open space cooling in that, an air change is created and humidity build-up is controlled. Several exhaust air system approaches are available with each satisfying different workspace conditions. Different kinds of exhuast fans are suitable for different workspace environment  

Designing the exhaust system for maximum air change and optimal circulation for user comfort
Exhaust system's effectiveness highly depends on the type of exhaust outlets, 

the outlet size and location. 


 Exhaust System - Accessory Series
The Excelair Exhaust System features accessory series of power-saving and noise insulation parts and devices for specific industrial applications. Additional devices such as the insect-shielding design of the shutter feature are applicable for industrial settings with hygienic requirements.
 Wall Exhaust (Noise Insulation)
◆Crust made of high strength plastic
◆The impeller designed for air-foil impeller and can be adjusted
◆With noise insulation and high efficiency 
◆Wall or window installation design.
Model Fan Dia Airflow Rotary
Power Volt Frequency Weight
mm m3/h r/min W V Hz kg
PCJ6.3/730/3850 620 8600 730 200 380 50 18.5
PCJ5.0/730/3850 500 5200 730 200 380 50 16
PCJ5.0/850/3860 500 6000 730 200 380 60 16
 Minimal Noise Roof Exhaust Fan
◆Compact design for installation on metal and cement roof and equipped with durable 
◆CAD optimized in design, minimal noise level and highest airflow performance
Model Fan Dia Airflow Rotary
Power Volt Frequency Weight
mm m3/h r/min W V Hz kg
PRE6.3/950/3850 620 11000 950 300


50 30
PRE6.3/850/3860 500 9000 750 300


60 30