Evaporative Ventilator

Excelair Evaporative Ventilator  
Reliability in Thermal Performance & Operation Upon Which is Designed and Constructed
Excellence of Excelair Evaporative Cooler:
■ Unit body is cast with anti-corrosion and anti-UV materials. Extra inner and outside filter can enhance its overall performance.
■ "CELDEK" Cooling filter pad, the core component of the unit, is imported from Sweden.
■ Spiral-shaped UV sterilization system ensure offering the cleaning and sanitation water.
■ It adopts German technology, can robust and durable structure for tropical conditions. It is designed for continuous 24-hour operation and water-absent protection system.
■ The fan motor adopts aluminum body and totally-enclosed design. With good-dissipation fin, temperature rise is low.
■ The fan adopts the special Submarine propeller design with 10-piece adjustable angled blade, can reduce the noise.
■ High precision frequency controller works in intelligent full protection mode that can save more electricity.
■ Unit has automatic cleaning, drainage and water replenishing functions. Four units can be central controlled and time-setting as you like.
Our Product has been awarded the China Certificate for Energy Conservation Product.

The evaporative ventilator has 1 year warranty and the
CELDEK cooling pad has 4 year warranty
     Model and specification



EX767 Bottom Discharge EX767A Side Discharge
Performance Airflow 16000m3/h 15200m3/h
Max.Air Pressure 120 pa 120 pa
Air Velocity 10 m/s 9.4 m/s
Evap. Efficiency ~92% ~92%
Water Capacity 15 Liters 15 Liters
Power Supply 220V,50Hz 220V,50Hz
Power Consumption 0.3~1.2kW 0.3~1.2kW
Operation Airflow Adjustment 6 Segment 6 Segment
Programmed On/Off 6 Stage 6 Stage
Filter Washing Auto/Manual Auto/Manual
Water Sterilizing System Auto Auto
Auto Drain Auto Auto
Dimensions Size of Dropper Duct 668×668(mm) 668×668(mm)
?Make-up Water Inlet 1/2″ 1/2″
Drain Water Outlet 40(mm) 40(mm)
Installed Dimension(mm) 1040×1040×1105 1040×1040×1105
Shipping Dimension(mm) 1040×1040×1230 1040×1040×1230
Weight Operating Weight 95(kg) 95(kg)
Shipping Weight 88(kg) 88(kg)
Excelair Evaporative Ventilator can meet requirements as follows :
  Cools workspace down to about 25-30oC in tropical climate of Southern China especially in Guangzhou area.  


  Electrical consumption is only 1/8 of air conditioning as free latent energy is derived from the atmosphere.  
  Cooling media is capable of filtering dusts in the air 80% of 1μm and supply fresh, cool and clean air to the workspace.  

  upply air is 100% mist free.  




  Each unit covers 100 to 130 m2 of workspace, Systems can be added on line-by-line.