Cell Duct System

  PIP Cellduct  
 PIP modular cellduct system is made by ALP Italy 
  improted panel and EAP panel
Panel Thickness 21mm 20mm
Foam Density 35-48kg/m3 50-55kg/m3
Aluminum thickness 80 micron 80 micron
Thermal Conductivity 0.02 W/m.k 0.02 W/m.k
Thermal Resistance(R) 0.986 m2.K/w 0.998 m2.K/w
Fire Retardance B1 B1
Aluminum finishing Embossed Embossed
  Using advanced high temperature rolling production, PIP Cellduct exhibits exceptional fire resistance, high heat distortion temperature, good mechanical strength which are engineered for many industrial applications, particularly those where hygienic monitoring is most of critical importance. Combined with the product’s inherent light weight and aesthetical appeal, PIP Cellduct’s well-balanced physical properties provide benefits that are unmatched by other industrial piping alternatives including its ease of handling and installation, fast cleaning and easy maintenance, to name a few.
PIP Cellduct features special flange fittings that are designed to provide optimal flexibility for different application and design requirements as our system components and duct segments, available in hundreds of size units, are manufactured to cater for custom dimensions and length designs. This unique flange fitting feature (individual duct segment units are easily connected with flange insertion) makes do-it-yourself installation and disassembling work desirable as they provide significant time and cost-savings advantages in easing fabrication and field installation area and production downtime.
Both ALP and EAP panels are CFC-free closed cell foam boards that provide similar physical and thermal characteristics. The difference is the material used for the production of respective panels – ALP is made from polyisocyanurate (commonly known as PIR) and the material used for EAP is polyurethane (PUR). Both panel types offer the same excellent physical properties required for PIP Cellduct and the PVC flange joining design use.
The manufacturing of Excelair PIP Cellduct uses two standard industrial types of panel, ALP and EAP panel, which are produced using imported materials to ensure consistency and quality in the finished products.
  ALP Italy Imported Panel   EAP Imported Material  
 ALP Endorsed Performance Tests from Italy and UK
Fire resistant test   Innocuous test   Optical smoke density test   Heat insulation test   Air permeability test
Resistance to high pressure test   Resistance to high air temperature test   Duct frictional loss test   Sound-proofing test   Overall transfer of microparticles test
 Endorsed performance tests of EAP from relevant departments in China- and relevant testing contents and materials