Air Purification and Filtration Series

G4 Class Air Filter---For better quality supply air







*Use AAF G4 efficiency filter which meet European standard BS EN779.

*Use of four replaceable air filter pads with  polyester synthetic fiber media material.

*Durable light-weighted aluminium polyurethane enclosure; easy installation.

*Low noise, compact and air-tight construction.

*Applicable to workshop with hygienic clean requirement,like food & beverage factory,
  packaging processing workshop.

*Combine with existing Excelair cooling system.


Performance and Specifications



1 Product Model FG4
2 Filtration Capacity meet BS EN779 European Standards
3 Rated Airflow 12300 m3/h
4 Filtration Area 2.3 m2
5 Power Consumption 1 KW
6 Inlet Dimension 665(W)X 665(H)mm
7 Outlet Dimension 754(W)X 754(H)mm
8 Installed Dimension 1420(W)X 794(H)X 3400(L)mm
9 Net Weight 41kg
10 Filter Pad Material Ployester synthetic fiber
Type Aluminium frame
Maintenance Replaceable
Dimensions 594(W)X 694(H)X 96(D)mm
Qty. 4 pcs
Net Weight 2.4 kg/pcs
11 Booster Fan Power Supply 220V 50Hz
Rotary Speed 1200 r/min
Power 1kw
Dimensions 754(W)X 754(H)X 410(D)mm
Net Weight 29kg


Filter Enclosure & Filter Pad



Structure Diagram