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Principal of Evaporative Heat Exchanging


 Hot air passes the wetted filter pad and the temperature will be reduced


    Evaporative Heat Exchanging uses water to absorb heat from the air during the evaporation process to bring down the air temperature. In operation, a water pump circulates water from the water basin to the top of the cooling media keeping it wet all the time. The running fan causes the outside warm air to be drawn into the cooler passing the cooling media. As the air passes the wetted media, some water is made to evaporate. It is this evaporation, known as Latent Heat of Evaporation that causes the air to be cooled.

The modern evaporative ventilator features self-cleaning and incorporates a UV sterilizer killing the harmful bacteria, if any in the incoming water.

The cooled and filtered air is delivered by the cooler fan to the workspace through an air duct system to where it is needed.

The working principle of Excelair Evaporative Ventilator
The main components of Excelair Evaporative Ventilator