Open Space Cooling





Comparing with Other Cooling Equipment

  Open Space Cooling costs 75% of air-conditioning to install and about 10% to operate.
This is because evaporative heat exchanging derives the free latent energy from the atmosphere.
If you are new to evaporative heat exchanging system, you may have attempted before one or both of these solutions; air conditioning or centrifugal fan system. Both these methods have failed to provide satisfactory answers. It is either too cost-prohibitive or ineffective. 
The comparison below between evaporative heat exchanging and air conditioning shows a large difference in operation cost (12.5% vs 100%). 

When you have a large workspace to cool and at the ever escalating energy cost, the dollar sum that goes to pay the bill is far prohibitive.

Air-conditioning is also ineffective when you have heat generated from the production/work processes. Centrifugal fan system refers to the attempt by installing a large centrifugal fan to bring in air from outside, and distributes throughout the workspace via air distribution ducts.
The method has failed in hot climates. The reason for that is people react very negatively to hot air being blown at, in an environment already hot.