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     Excelair M&E Industrial Co., Ltd. is a wholly foreign-owned enterprise established in 1991. With advanced Australia technology, the company has been manufacturing the Excelair series of patented environmentally friendly evaporative ventilator. Our export business network includes Austria, South East Asia, South American, the Middle East and Taiwan etc.. Excelair also has extensive clients base within china, in the pearl River Delta Region as well as over twenty other provinces.

     After around 30 year research and development, Excelair has got a rapid development no matter in variety, quality and functions. We recently presented modular system which is simple and quickly completed. All the subassembly of modular system that is the ventilator, outside mount , air duct and diffusers are prefabricated and individual. No matter anywhere you located, you can install the whole system easily and perfectly just according to the detailed installation drawing we provided.

     Excelair special focus on the industrial cooling system and commit itself to create better working environment and increase productivity. Excelair has a strict criterion and monitor during the process of survey on site, system design, construction guide, test operating and after-sales service in order to ensure the efficiency of the whole system.

     We would like to take this opportunity to say thank you to our clients for their continuous support they have contributed to where we are today. We will continue our endeavor to serve quickly, professionally and effectively at all times.



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